Bio - Ingram Photography

Jeff at McAfee Knob

Jeff Ingram is a Tazewell based landscape photographer. He uses modern photographic equipment and the latest computer technology to create colorful fine art pieces representing the most beautiful aspects of the scene he is capturing.

His father gave him the camera whenever he asked and he has been making photographic images ever since. In elementary school, George Calhoun showed him the darkroom and the magic of light and exposing film and photographic paper. It was also George Calhoun who introduced him to the very first personal computer, the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I.

He graduated Edwards County High School in 1979 and attended Milligan College graduating in 1983. He continued working on computers and his photography for the next 30 years. As a marketing person his product photography appeared in numerous marketing pieces.

Ingram's work has appeared on magazine covers, the walls of hospitals, and individuals homes. In 2018 his work was featured by Bluefield College in their winter spring show. Since 2014 Ingram has worked tirelessly to capture the beautiful world around him. He has visited numerous national parks, his native Illinois, and the gorgeous Appalachian Mountains in southwest Virginia where he currently makes his home with his wife and two children.

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